Title: President
Cindy and Alexandra, who has now graduated, co-founded Women in Computing together last year when they realized there needed to be a space where women and allies can support, mentor, and validate each other. She wants to open dialogs about how gender and race can affect one’s ability to perform in school, workplace, and life. Her favorite saying is, “Empowered women empower women.”

Title: Vice President
An Italian-American who loves to cook, eat, and travel in the summer with her Finnish husband. She decided to get involved with Women in Computing because she struggled to find her place as a CS premajor. She wants every young aspiring female coder to believe in themselves and know that they have a support group!

Title: Computer Engineering Officer
Dez is a Computer Engineering senior who is truly passionate about computing. She's been a teaching assistant for the School of Computing since her sophomore year and was excited to do more with a group that is promoting women in computer science. Outside of school, Dez loves board games, lacrosse, and all things stationery. She's friendly and loves to chat, so please say hi!

Khanhly (Ly)
Title: Senior Class Officer
Ly (pronounced like the suffix) is a short girl with a big personality with even bigger dreams. You will often catch her with a white Monster in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. She’s a woman that supports women, so she found herself in a position where she could advocate for her women. She understands that making friends as an engineer can be challenging so she wants to be a familiar face you can come to for help or to just say hello.

Title: Junior Class Officer
Kaelin loves with her whole heart. She travels for food, has a passion for fashion ;), enjoys spending time with her closest friends, and loves to support those who need it most. She struggled a lot in early CS classes with the “Imposter Syndrome” so now she strives to make all women feel welcome in this field. It is one of Kaelin’s strongest beliefs that women must lift each other up as much and as often as we can.

Title: Sophomore Class Officer
It all started when Hope went to a SheTech conference her first year of high school where she learned about girl power in the technology world. The idea that women can be intelligent leaders, capable engineers, and a huge influence for good all while being as feminine and girly as they chose really empowered her to pursue her interest in computer science, and has since fallen in love with coding. As well as majoring in CS, she is also minoring in Flute Performance, mountain bikes and reads in her free time, and has a strong desire to make the tech world a better place for women.

Title: Marketing Officer
Serena loves Space and UFO Aliens. She hopes that she can leverage her computer science skills to assist in the search of extraterrestrial life. She also hopes to make a change by running for Congress in 2024. She believes that there aren’t enough people in the government advocating for technology and hopes to be the first female with a Computer Science degree in the House of Representatives. In her free time, Serena loves to play StarCraft II and participates in aerial acrobatics. Serena is very friendly, so please approach her in person or add her on social media to chat.

Title: Treasurer