How It All Started

An inspirational origin story coming soon!

Our Goal At The U


Our main goal when WiC was formed is to create a community for women to feel safe, make friends, and to realize that they are not alone! Although we don’t exclude anyone from participation, our target audience is women in the School of Computing at the University of Utah.

Our short-term goal for this semester is to get our name out there and increase participation in our events! So spread the word!


At the U, only 13% of declared CS majors are women, which is a very small fraction of a very large major. It’s hard as a woman to stay in a field where you might be one of five girls in a lecture hall, the classes get harder and harder, and you face some form of discrimination from your peers, whether it is intentional or unconscious.

One of the many proven ways to combat this is to have a community where women feel like they belong. That is what we want WiC to be.


If you identify as female and find yourself wanting what we want, please join us by participating in our events! We have a GroupMe you can sign up to be added to with this survey here. Visit our Contact Us page for more!

Information on how people who don’t identify as female can help those that do will be coming soon.